Do you have any questions about mental health?  Are you struggling with an issue in your life?  Submit your question to the Web Shrink and your question may be featured on an upcoming Question and Answer Blog post from the Web Shrink.

To submit a question to the Web Shrink please follow the directions below:

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By sending this email to the Web Shrink I understand that while The Web Shrink is a Licensed Professional Counselor, any interaction between myself, the Web Shrink, and/or any commenters on is not mental health therapy.  If I feel as though there is a threat that I will cause harm to myself or others, I will immediately go to the nearest hospital for evaluation.  By sending this email I agree that if selected, to allow any and all of the information in this email to be posted on which will be viewable to any and all who visit the website, unless specified otherwise.  Lastly, I understand that I am responsible for my own decisions and that is not responsible for how I use any of the information pertaining to a response to my question or any other information contained on this site.  I agree that is not responsible for any possible damages resulting from my actions.


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